California-Central Seminar

The 2018 Cal-Central Leadership Seminar is a three-day leadership development program which will bring together approximately 160 students from across the region. Local schools send representatives they feel are leaders or have leadership potential. Planned and executed completely by volunteers, the seminar is a motivational, hands-on program that includes critical thinking, mentoring, panel discussions, goal-setting, and project planning activities. Students learn individual leadership styles, group dynamics, and leadership in society–all with a focus on Leadership for Service to their communities. Students are challenged to make a difference now in their schools and communities, and challenged to perform 100 hours of service within the 12 months following their seminar, beginning with four hours of service during the seminar itself.

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Ambassador Info

Ambassadors for this year’s seminar and their families can get more information by clicking here.

2018 Seminar Junior Staff

Junior Staff is our umbrella term for all volunteers under the age of 21. At this time, we are pleased to announce the application for junior staff for the 2017 seminar. Download the application here.

Seminar Planning Committee Members

Jacie Wilcock
Leadership Seminar Chair

Brock Holman
Director of Staff

Oliver Asis
Director of Media

Ashlyn Storaker
Director of Recruitment

Mariana La Fianza
Director of Programming

Calle Jo Robbins
Director of Programming

Jacie Wilcox
Director of Fundraising

Sheryl Sudman
Director of Food & Beverage

Ryan Halvorsen
Director of Facilitators

Michael Sudman
HOBY Store Manager

Jacie Wilcock
Director of Junior Staff

Patrick Wilcox
Director of Operations

Seminar Location: California Lutheran University