Alumni Association

HOBY California’s Alumni Association seeks to keep students engaged with HOBY and with their local communities well beyond the end of their seminar experience. Through reunions, service projects, and social media outreach HOBY alumni stay connected to the HOBY family, and are encouraged and mentored as they embark on projects in their schools and communities. Additionally, the Alumni Association helps to train and mentor HOBY alumni to return as volunteers to the June seminars for years to come. If you have any questions about the Alumni Association or would like to get involved, please contact our Alumni Association President, Ludwig Hurtado, Jr., at To see an example of the types of events that the Alumni Association plans or participates in, click here.

Statewide Committee Members

Grace Piddington

Brian Kaplun
Senior Vice President

Rachel Fielding
Vice President, Northern California

Mikki Spangler
Vice President, California-Central

Ludwig Hurtado Jr.
Vice President, Los Angeles

Rommell Noche
Vice President, Southern California