California-Central Seminar

The Cal-Central Leadership Seminar is a leadership development program which brings together students from across the region. The seminar is a motivational program that includes critical thinking, mentoring, panel discussions, goal-setting, and project planning activities. Students learn individual leadership styles, group dynamics, and leadership in society–all with a focus on Leadership for Service to their communities. Students are challenged to make a difference now in their schools and communities, and challenged to perform 100 hours of service within the 12 months following their seminar, beginning with four hours of service during the seminar itself.

The 2024 HOBY California Seminar will be an in-person seminar, beginning the afternoon of Thursday, June 20th, and running through the afternoon of Sunday, June 23rd. General registration information HERE.

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Seminar Planning Committee Members

Bijan Khodavandi Jr.
Leadership Seminar Chair

Rochelle Kohanteb
Director of Junior Staff


Daylon Norman
Director of Media

Vincent Robles
Director of Programs

Annie Rubio
Director of Operations

Joy Rubio
Director of Facilitators

Jerry Tovar
Director of Recruitment